Lumenlabs Nordic with lumenizer 300

Lumenizer 300 effectively and risk free disinfects its surrounding areas in seconds.

lumenizer 300

Lumenlabs Nordic is responsible for testing and distribution of Lumenizer 300 in the Nordic market, and is founded by Philip Klang and Dennis Sahlström. Our mission is to give people a safe and healthy everyday life by providing public buildings with safe and innovative products for disinfection.

Lumenizer 300 was developed by Lumenlabs together with Dr. David Brenner from Columbia University's Center for Radiological Research. Lumenizer 300 was launched on the US market in November 2020 and is currently being tested worldwide.

We have extensive knowledge of and experience in infection control work together with both public and private actors. Since the autumn of 2020, we have been distributing antigen tests for covid-19 to municipalities, rescue services, health centers and private companies around Sweden.

With Lumenizer 300, we present an infection control solution that, with the help of innovative Filtered Far-UVC technology, can effectively and safely disinfect indoor environments while people stay there.

how it works

lumenizer 300

Lumenizer 300 emitts filtered, bactericidal far-UVC light, which can safely neutralize coronavirus and other harmful viruses and bacteria - while people are in the room.

Lumenizer is an efficient, safe and effective product that can be adapted and adjusted based on ceiling height and desired intensity.

image of virus destroyed

Effective disinfection that inactivates pathogens in a few seconds

The nucleic acids of the pathogens efficiently absorb Far-UVC energy. As a result, the pathogen is destroyed. Lumenizer 300 is incredibly effective and can in just a few seconds neutralize 99.99 percent of pathogens such as coronavirus, bacteria, mold and spores.

a room with luminizer 300

Large coverage area where each luminizer disinfects 4 x 4 meters

Lumenlabs Filtered Far-UVC can disinfect air and all surfaces within the line of sight. The Lumenizer 300 system with three lights is unlike anything else. The three light bulbs can be adjusted 45 degrees, which makes the luminaire adaptable to almost any room it is placed in. A Lumenizer covers an area of ​​4 x 4 meters, or 16 square meters.

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Safe exposure that meets international health standards

When used in accordance with the instructions, the Lumenizer 300 meets international and American health standards. Lumenizer 300 has achieved the highest level of safety in the International Electrotechnical Commission's photobiological safety test report (IEC 62471). The product's far-UVC radiation and ozone levels are within all guidelines (threshold limit value) from ACGIH, which is the American organization that establishes guidelines for occupational and environmental health.

easy install of luminizer 300

Simple installation everywhere

Lumenizer 300 has no special power supply requirements. Only connect the 60 watt luminaire to a standard 100-240 volt AC voltage, and it will immediately start disinfecting the space, quickly and easily.

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