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Do’s And Don’ts in Social Media Marketing


In this week's insight we are going to tell you the do's and don'ts when it comes to social media marketing. Feel free to take notes! 


Have a strategy: As always it is very important to have a strategy when working with marketing. Make sure it is adjusted to your brand and/or product.

Post regularly: The key to success is to post regularly. The different social media algorithms like when you are consistent and post regularly, this means that they will also make your posts more visible for followers and increase the chances of growing bigger. Use a program for scheduling social media posts, this will help you overlook both how often you post on your channels but also show very well if you are following your strategies and content plans or not.

Track the metrics: Of course it is also important to track the metrics and create a KPI-follow up for your social media marketing. By analyzing the metrics you can see what you need to adjust and what you could improve.

Use branded colors: A strong brand guide and branded colors are more important for your companies recognition that you would imagine, please do not miss out on this step! 


Please everyone: It’s very hard to please everyone. You should always be targeting the right persons for your business. Try to figure out what personas your company have, that will make it much easier to create posts and content that targets your audience.  

Neglect strategy: As we mentioned above it’s must to have a strategy. This will make the marketing more efficient and easier to follow up on. Neglecting a strategy will affect both the company's money and future. Make a strategy and stick to it! 

Lose the track: Tracking is very important as we mentioned in the do’s. Tracking will help you get a better understanding about what who your audience are and what the prefer.

Varies the colors too much: For every post you do, make sure you use the graphics and colors of your brand. Every time you post something your followers should feel recognition. Hence you are more professional and it brings credibility and authenticity to your business.  


It’s the responsibility of business owners to use their social media presence as the marketing tool that it is. Social media marketing is about developing visibility, personality and community for your brand. By abiding by the do’s and don’ts listed above, you can put together a set of basic ground rules for your business’s next social media marketing strategy.