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Meet Dennis Sahlström


Dennis Sahlström is the co-founder of P&D Group together with Philip Klang. And has been the chief operating officer since P&D Group was founden in 2018.  

Other roles that Dennis has:  

  • Chairman and CEO P&D Group Investments & Education  
  • CEO P&D Group on Din Tradingklubb
  • Head trainer and trader on Investment Mastery  
  • Writer – Technical analyst on Trijo  

We asked Dennis 8 questions, and here are his answers:  

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Humble, positive, and I do what it takes to win.  

What motivates you?

I am motivated by helping others. I am motivated by challenges. And I am motivated by success because I know that the more successful I become the more people I help which motivates me immensely. I have always been driven by making the world a better place because I feel that we are so lucky to have just been born in Sweden and hence I want to do everything I can to make the world a little better.

What are your biggest strengths?

I would probably say that i never give up, it does not matter what would happen I will continue to learn continue to train and continue to give everything i can to win. Losing for me is not an option but I will always fighting until I win, because I know the only way I can lose is by giving up and it will never happen.  

What  does a normal day looks like for you?

That is a good question. I do not think there is a normal day, but I get up, I run my morning routine which often consists of running some healthy food. I make smoothies, prepare the food for the day. I meditate and exercise with weighs every morning. then I also usually spend about 30 minutes in the morning to learn something new, it can be reading a book or taking a course. Usually my days consist of many meetings. I post for example trades or make videos to our members, to be able to give them as much value as possible. I sit with our properties and make sure we create great places for people to live in the UK, I hold webinars and work to develop our companies.  

What do you do in your spare time?

In my free time I like to spend it by exercising and spending time with loved ones. I also love extreme sports, I like to go surfing and kitesurfing. I like to learn new things, I read books. Take care of myself, so that I develop the whole time and get better. I actually spend a lot of my free time with so-called work, also because the job for me is my hobby and my calling in life, which makes it not feel like a job either.

Favorite food?

I will say that it is home cooking (Husmanskost), in fact I love home cooking. Which I have had to put aside a bit now that I have started to cook much healthier.  

Favorite destination you have been to?

I must say it is either Hawaii or Bali. Because I love the sea, nature and the heat. And what you also can do there is surfing, I love to surf. But I must also say that I love skiing so that even makes Austria a favorite destination. I have spent amazing time there. There are fantastic mountains. It’s a great place to travel to and go skiing.  

And finally, why you should know about P&D Group?

The reason why you have to know about P&D Group is because we stand a lot for help people, and to make the world better. So if you also want to help people and make the world better I really think you should follow P&D Group. But also to be a part of it of course! So write to us if you have any questions.

We want to help people become financially free, so that people can help everyone around them self. That is also why we have build companies that teaches about what we are doing with stocks and other investments like real estate. We want you to create a career with us. So we really try to form a foundation that everyone can stand on but with that said, we also donate to charity, which in my opinion is really important.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Dennis, don't hesitate to contact him!

Dennis Linkedin.