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Meet Our Interns


For 10 weeks now, we have had three interns here at P&D Group. Ludvig, Joakim and Linda.
They come from IHM Business School in Malmo, where they study the course E-Commerce Manager. They are doing their last day of their internship today. And we are very happy that they decided to spend their time here at P&D Group.  

We asked our interns what they thought about of their time here with us. And here is their answers:  

How would you describe your time here with us:  

Ludvig: My time here at P&D group has been wonderful. I am so glad that i chose this intern place. After the first week at the office i knew that i have chosen both my education and intern place right. I love working with marketing and they have learn so much about it.

Linda: It has been an amazing expierience working at P&D Group. I really chose the right place for my first internship and im exciting to see what the future holds with the expierince I've got here. From the first day i knew it would be great. The team is great and so welcoming. If you ever get a chance to work at P&D Group, take it!

Joakim: I am very happy with my time here at P&D Group. A good and happy team to work with. I have had the opportunity to test out a few different tasks. Which has given me a clearer picture of what I want to do in the future in this profession.

What has benn your favorite part about working here:

Ludvig: That they include us on everything that they do, from marketing, design website and partners. My side hobby has always been stocks and investment, and from the first day have they educated us on this and even on their spare time so im so glad for that.  

Linda: My favorite part is that its not just work for 9 hours. Its learning more about the company, learning more about marketing and even learning more about crypto. I love that they include us in everything they do.

Joakim: I like that you always have things to do. If you complete tasks, you just have to ask for more. And there is always more to do here. P&D Group is very goal-oriented and focused on establishing itself.

What tasks and work have you been up too during your time here:

Ludvig: My task have been working with their sociala medias for dintradingklubb together with email marketing.  

Linda: I have been doing the marketing for one of the companies called Life Cabin.

Joakim: My goal before I came here was that I would like to test out as much as possible so that I could learn as much as possible. And so was the case! I have been able to try out remarketing, email marketing, analyze & follow KPIs, write content and work with their social media.

How would you describe the team who works at P&D Group?

Ludvig: Wonderful team, everyone has been so nice and welcomming to us. They have been very including with us and always pushins and helping us when we needed it. Even after work they will answear and help och prepare things for us.

Linda: It’s a great team! They love their work and they are passionate about what they do, which shows.

Joakim: Friendly, positive and hard working. We got a very good and warm welcome when we came here. The team is very kind and friendly. And they are always contactable if you need help. The team that works here is very focused and hard- working. Which I like, it makes me more motivated to work harder myself both outside and inside “working hours”.  

Would you recommend P&D Group to other students who are going out and doing their internship?

Ludvig: Yes i will, my time here have been so good. Its a very flexible workplace you could always work from home or at the office with the team. If you want to try something or learn something new they are always their for you. When we did something good we always got credit and greetings about it which made us work even harder. I will miss the team.  

Linda: Definetly yes! They take very good care of their interns. They always ask what you want and listens to your opinions. Specially if your doing your first internship. I will miss the team at P&D Group but im sure we will meet again in the future!  

Joakim: Absolutely! A very good and flexible workplace. A very good supervisor and a great team, who are positive, happy and always contactable. If you want to try something, they will be happy to let you do that. Every morning there is a morning meeting, which is good for getting started with the day and getting a good structure. I would happily recommend P&D Group for students that are thinking about doing there internship here.