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Din Tradingklubb is a subsidiary of P&D Group and Sweden's leading education for stocks, cryptocurrencies and trading. We asked Dennis Sahlstöm, CEO of Din Tradingklubb, some questions about the company. Read the whole interview down below! 

How did the idea come about?

The idea actually came up around 2016 because that was when I recently had lost 70% of my account. I saw Marcus De Maria and found Investment mastery offering financial training. I attendeed their event and got an introduction on how and why to invest into shares. Investment Mastery showed me proven strategies, and how it is possible to make money with shares and financial assets. After my first workshop I worked with their strategies an hour a day and felt somewhere that everyone could actually do this and everyone could learn to invest. After some time I contacted Marcus De Maria and asked if I could help them in any way. I started getting involved in helping others, and today I am leading their trading team. Of course I also wanted to bring this training and education to Sweden and the Swedish market.

What are we doing today?

Today we have training in cryptocurrencies and stocks, where we teach exactly how to invest in digital assets. We have online training but also workshops that we do digitally but which we will eventually hold live as well. The trainings contains everything, we have really thought of everything we would like. We have online training, we also have regular webinars for our members, 3 times a week. We have a forum where all our members can talk and be like-minded. We also show our portfolio, to be as transparent as possible, so we show everything we buy and sell. And the best of all is that you will be able to use these strategies for the rest of your life which of course is absolutely fantastic.

Why you should become a member of your trading club?

I lost 70% of my portfolio as I said because I had no financial education, I had no strategies at all. I bought when I should have sold and sold when I should have bought. This resulted in a lot of stress and many problems following, which I never ever want to experience again. And I do not want anyone else to experience this either. And what is interesting is that you would never get in a car without actually taking lessons first, there you have someone who shows you how to do. With stocks and invest in crypto it is exactly what you do and that is why I think everyone should go to financial education. Even if you do not do it with us you do it with someone else so that you do not lose your hard earned money. I am a little bit apathetic right now, but I think you should invest and become a member of Din Tradingklubb. The reason behind that is, I have never seen an education with as much as we have. You have webinar, you get support and help all the way. We really care about you and that really shine through.

And finally, What does the future hold for Din Tradingklubb?

The future looks very bright for Din Tradingklubb for various reasons. First of all it does not matter to us how many members you get. We make money on our trading and our investments anyway. So for that reason our mission is really to help so many as possible, so that we will give everything we can to be able to help as many as possible.  

And the fact is that many ask us, if there will be bear market or an upward market work. Does our strategies work regardless of market? And the answer is yes! The strategies work no matter what the market looks like. When the market goes down, we still make money. And that is exactly why I am not worried about the future. Because I know that all this will be needed. And the fact is now under the pandemic so many noticed that you can not rely on only one income that may be your job. They noticed that you actually need several different income pillars and that is what we teach here. What we teach here is one of those pillars that it is entirely possible to live off eventually no matter what type of economy we are in.  

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