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Why Having A Flexible Workplace Increases Happiness And Wellbeing Among Employees?


Why having a flexible workplace increases happiness and wellbeing among employees?


What is a flexible workplace?

Having a flexible workplace means being able to quickly adapt to new circumstances as they arise. An employee who is flexible can change their plans to navigate or overcome unanticipated obstacles. Also offer to help another team member if you notice that they are overloaded. Volunteer to cover a colleague's work while they're on leave. Consider allowing people to work from home to help them achieve a better work/life balance.

Why it is important to have a flexible workplace?

Having a flexible workplace can help for example:  

  • Your mindset
  • Your motivation
  • Your stress level

Having a positive work-life balance makes life less stressful and can reduce illness. Reducing the commute by working from home frees up time, energy and headspace. Being able to work when, where and how they want increases the employees sense of control.

Positive results

All this increases employee retention, loyalty, productivity, and engagement. And this is going to have a massive impact on the company and the business itself.

The company can also benefit from having a flexible workplace such as saving money, and it also helps attract and retain top talent and reduces employee turnover.

To summarise this, a flexible workplace is of great importance for your company future success. Both for the company in itself and your employees. You should try it!