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Why Should You Have A Coach/Mentor?


The definition of a coach/mentor is “somene whose job is to teach and help improve at something”.

Every successfull person in sports, politics, business, entertainment, religion and life have or had coaches/mentors.  

“Successful people ask for help” - Camille Preston, Fortune

There is a reason why the very best have had a coach/mentor

People who has had a coach/mentor and become very successful are for exampel: Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Micheal Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Oprah Winfrey.  

None of these people got to where they are on their own. They realised early on that they would get more out of themselves if they had the support, advice and accountability of a coach, even multiple coaches/mentors.

5 reasons you should have a coach/mentor:  
  • Improve performance  
  • New perspective
  • Gain Knowledge
  • Accountability
  • Unbiased opinions  

Just because most things are going well for you, doesn't mean you don't want to improve them and that includes yourself. Many people hire a coach because they know they are built for more and they want to reach their full potential sooner, rather than later.

Most of us were taught to take pretty good care of ourselves. That's fine if you want an average life. But people who accomplish great things often need to upgrade their lives tremendously before that's even possible. They need clearer boundaries, a physical environment that is supportive, more organization, enough rest, great stress management, people that get their needs and are actively supportive. Good coaches know how to assist their clients and to get the most out of them.  

That's why we developed Din Tradingklubb in our holding, because you will be able to be constantly assisted by a coach during your investments.  

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