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How Working From Home Sometimes Can Be Beneficial


Working from home has become increasingly common nowadays. The Pandemic made it possible to start working more at home, which also has continued.

What are the benefits of working from home?

According to recent studies, remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts. Resulting in more than three additional weeks of work per year. 29% of remote employees said they struggle with work-life balance, and 31% said they have needed to take a day off for their mental health.


Better life-work balance: Many remote jobs also come with flexible schedules, which means that workers can start and end their day as they choose, as long as their work is complete and leads to strong outcomes. This control over your work schedule can be invaluable when it comes to attending the needs of your personal life.

Increased Productivity and Performance: Studies show that teleworkers are 20% to 25% more productive than their counterparts in the office. There is not only social distractions, but there are also more opportunities to take necessary breaks when needed, which psychologists say helps with overall performance, motivation and creativity.

Improved staff health and wellbeing: Working from home eliminates the need for a commute to work that can be stressful to your employees. Time savings such as this also enables staff to get extra health benefits such as additional sleep, spending more time with family, exercising or preparing healthier meals.

Work and live anywhere: As long as employees are able to finish their work at the same high-quality level and communicate with their core team, as needed, they can pretty much set up shop anywhere with a WiFi connection.

Increased staff motivation: By working from home employees will feel more trusted by their employer as the working relationship isn't as closely monitored and employees are allowed with a degree of autonomy to get on with their work. Employees will also be happier developing a home working routine that suits them better and this can contribute towards them feeling more motivated in their work.

Attract new talent: Working from home can be offered as an incentive way of attracting new talents to your business. Even just offering the option to work from home will give you an advantage in the job market over competitors that don't offer working remote or hybrid yet.

More effective team meetings: When you’re not able to throw time on people’s calendars for meetings on a whim, you need to be more intentional about your calls. Working remotely can actually help you have more effective meetings by setting agendas upfront, or only taking calls that have a specific purpose.

How to stay productive at home ?

One way to stay productive when working remote is to have a proper schedule. By having a schedule or a to-do list of what you need to do that day will result in a more efficient and productive work day. It is also important to regularly have breaks that could help you decompress and come back to your work more focused.


Working from home can be positive for both enterprise employers and employees. Increased productivity, improved work-life balance, and reduced office costs are just some examples of how working remote can be beneficial.